First version of the website done!

Hi everyone! Welcome!

Having a webpage-blog is an idea I’ve had for a long time but never had the time or the motivation to do. It seems that it’s easier than I thought in the beginning!

I have tried making webpages back in the early 2000s, for those who weren’t around in the Internet, that was the age of Geocities (well, a bit later than that, but I tried Geocities as well), MSN Messenger and you had to make your website from scratch using either a WYSIWYG program or good old HTML. Plus I didn’t have money back in the day for decent hosting, and trust me, even paid hosting wasn’t close to what is around today. You were lucky to find one to support PHP/MySQL!

But anyway, none of these efforts christallized. I was unhappy with parts (or the whole of it) and didn’t properly finish anything. Good old analysis paralysis and procrastination at work. Perhaps I was too ambitious, I don’t know.

Compared to the hours invested to those endeavours, this took me roughly a couple of hours to set up (WordPress and cPanel are time savers) and a bit extra to write the pages you have on the upper bar. Pretty basic stuff. Hopefully will get expanded with time.

So what am I going to write here about? Well, since it’s a personal blog and don’t expect many visitors, in principle it will be a bit of everything. Science, fitness and economy related stuff will have a significant spot here, but also some reflections related to my life or to something I read which I believe would be interesting to write about. Also, sorry if I make any mistakes. English is not my native language…

I think that’s enough for a first entry. I hope you enjoy your stay here!